Radio As An Arts Space investigates the possibilities of a constitution of a international radio project model for artistic, cultural, and social contents and exchange. Our aim is to stimulate discourse about the production of radiophfonic art projects and discursive artistic contents among the expert audiences, artists and art organizations.  Project will examine how a radio frequency can become a gallery space for contemporary art and to analyse the constitution of a format of temporary radio broadcasting, as one of the options.


Radio As An Arts Space – radioCona STATION ZONE
With the broadcasting of the radioCona – temporary radio station for contemporary art, the project Radio As An Arts Space has started with a series of production activities. The first one was comprised of a five-day broadcast entitled “Radio As An Arts Space – radioCona STATION ZONE” and has been designed together with the Italian partner of the project. From the 19th to 23rd of January, on the ground floor of Mestna Galerija Ljubljana, radioCona, in collaboration with RAM radioartemobile, broadcasted from is mobile studio each day between 4 and 11pm on 88.8MHz (localy in Ljubljana) and on the web.
broadcast caledar (pdf)
podcast/MP3 selections


Radio As An Art Space
dec 211: broadcast and stream of selection sound art and radio art works in the form of curated exhibition. The exhibition will at the same time occupy the radio frequencies and audio streams of international partners. The broadcast will be constituted as a gallery space with a curated exhibition delineated by the curators’ collection of selected works and featuring works selected through open call. Exhibition will be designed together with partners KIOSK and NOVI RADIO BEOGRAD and invited selectors.
…more info in progress

audioBook/artist book
audioBook  –  selection of broadcasted sound art and radio art projects from broadcast january and december
…more info in progress


Radio As An Arts Space is ongoing project space by radioCona.


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