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Invitation to artists to participate in the project Radio As An Arts Space (deadline June 25, 2011)
In the frame of the project Radio As An Arts Space, Cona is sending out an open call for submission of contemporary sound art and radio art works. Artists and art groups creating in the area of radio art and sound art are invited to apply with existing or new works.

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Selected works will be included in the exhibition Radio As An Arts Space which will be broadcasted and streamed by radioCona, and will appear at in situ locations in December 2011. The exhibition will at the same time occupy the radio frequencies and audio streams of international partners. The broadcast will be constituted as a gallery space with a curated exhibition delineated by the curators’ collection of selected works and featuring works selected through this open call.

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dec. 6th 2010, at 19:00  city art museum Ljubljana
lecture and talk
Ilari Valbonesi, Art critic and independent curator

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The Paradigm of Listening
(Sound, Voice, Body, Audience, Radio Art).

Sound is attractive. It catches the ear, enchants, disturbs, and scares. But it is also imperative. Sound is both a means and an end. The decisive interest devoted to the “strange” reflexivity of sound became a paradoxical instance of art, music and philosophy in the twentieth century. Further, it has encouraged the emergence of a genuine “paradigm of listening” from which I take steps to trace the event of a conceptual category of plastic art so called Sound Art : Art of Sound, that reflecting on itself, defines its own historical context.

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